Friday, August 31, 2012

Myron and Puck

We just wanted to share a letter that was  written by one of our clients about his experience with CWAC.

"When I was referred to Cathy King's organization, Canines with a Cause (CWAC), I was looking for a dog which would help me cope with my PTSD. I have suffered from severe PTSD symptoms and knew that animals provide many helpful things to vets like me. Also, I did already have a dog named Timmy who is 14 years old and showing signs of deteriorating health and was losing his zest for life. Aware that he was likely to pass away in the near future, I feared that losing his companionship while living alone would be a devastating change. I felt that if I had another companion that I have bonded with, that event would be less painful. Also, there was a chance that bringing a new young dog into Timmy's life could bring to him new vitality.

Puck is a little Chihuahua like dog. He was very shut-down when I got him. It didn't take long for him to open up in my home with just me and Timmy. I was very careful to only show him love and patience so as to not set him back. When his personality revealed itself as he felt safe, I gave him the name Puck from Shakespeare's misunderstood and mischievous character from one of his plays.

As for a help for help coping with my PTSD, animals like my dogs and even the horses I work with are always about being in the moment. PTSD is an illness that rudely takes one out of the moment into a painful past. Anything that help keep one in the present or helps bring one back to the present when in a dark place is of great help.

Thank you for your grant to Canines With a Cause for food and supplies for dogs like Puck and Timmy, they make a big difference in the lives of veterans like me.

Myron and Puck in class.


  1. Myron, beautiful story. You have done such an outstanding job with Puck.

  2. Myron,
    I am happy to have the privilege to watch you work with Puck. You have been a example to many. Chip misses his buddy. Good luck

  3. Dogs are man's best friends.They learn quickly whatever is taught to them and remain faithful to their owner's forever


Changing Lives Through Canine Companionship

One in four Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans return home with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. More than four million healthy, adoptable animals will be euthanized in shelters this year. These dogs can provide an understanding, loving companion that can help these veterans cope with debilitating flashbacks by bringing them back to the present, therefore helping them re-assimilate back into civilian life.

Canines With a Cause brings shelter dogs and returned veterans together. Vets benefit from the healing companionship of the dog and shelter dogs' lives are saved by finding loving homes.