Monday, July 2, 2012

Where are they now?

Two CWAC dogs now in training for flyball

These are two rescue dogs who are showing the world that just because they didn't come from sporting dog families (that we know of) they are going to try their hardest at being the best of the best!


Kosmo ( previously known as Miles) came to CWAC from San Bernadino, CA with another little of puppies dubbed the "Pixar Puppies". Wild guess as to where we got their names? Yes, Pixar movies. After being in a foster home for about 3 weeks Kosmo met his new dad who heard about him from a fellow dog sporting friend. Fast forward two and half months- Kosmo has officially started his training in being a flyball dog. 


Halo was part of the "Fab Five"  from the West Valley Animal Shelter we got in March. All we know was that she had been picked up as a stray. One of our trainers (Astrid Smith) along with myself went to WVAS to assess some dogs to be taken into the CWAC training program. Halo went straight into foster with Astrid because she could bare to leave her in a shelter environment any longer. Again, fast forward 3 months and Halo is showing her stuff on that flyball field. Along with Kosmo, Halo has just begun her long training process to compete in the face paced team sport of flyball!!

A HUGE shout out to the Utah Tail Blazers- Utah's funnest flyball team- for letting me come watch their practice and snap a few (300) photos! Visit them on Facebook. 

If you and your pup want to give flyball a go, Astrid Smith has a class starting! Shoot her an email to find out when and where!

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  1. Way to go puppies!!! From rags to speed demons!


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