Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coming up this week:

On Saturday 4/7 we will be at the Sugarhouse PetCo where you can come and meet your new best friends that only want their forever homes! This is also a perfect time to drop off any of the things you've been collecting for our wishlist !! 

Some time this week we'll post little get-to-know-you's about our two trainers, Astrid Smith with A Dog's Journey and Shaun Woodard with Not for Dogs Only.

We are getting in two new dogs for the program so of course everybody needs to meet them!

April's first weekly training tip. (you'll have to check back to see who it's from!)

We'll try to get a post on "where they are now", dogs that have been adopted or placed with a veteran and participating in our training program.

Snuggle up with your best friend (human or furry) and hoping wishing everyone a good first week of April! 

Changing Lives Through Canine Companionship

One in four Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans return home with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. More than four million healthy, adoptable animals will be euthanized in shelters this year. These dogs can provide an understanding, loving companion that can help these veterans cope with debilitating flashbacks by bringing them back to the present, therefore helping them re-assimilate back into civilian life.

Canines With a Cause brings shelter dogs and returned veterans together. Vets benefit from the healing companionship of the dog and shelter dogs' lives are saved by finding loving homes.