Thursday, January 19, 2012

She Deserves It. Will You Help?

Help Us Pay for Angel's Surgery

Please help our sweet Angel.  She’s had it rough, but she’s not letting it get her down.  Angel was rescued from the streets of Ventura, California.  While living the life of a stray, Angel was hit by a car.  Her rescuers took her to the vet, but the prognosis wasn’t good: a crushed pelvis that that had already begun to heal and two broken femurs.  With funding low, and facing the prospect of having to re-break Angel’s bones to reconstruct them, the shelter was unable to do much for her.  That’s when she found her way to CWAC.  

Angel’s healing has been remarkable, and she can still get around like a pup, despite losing the use of her right hind leg.  She’s strong and determined, but still in a lot of pain.  Angel has seen some of the best orthopedic veterinarians in Utah, and the good news is, despite the improper healing of her left hip joint and leg and the bone atrophy in her right, it’s not too late to help her.  Angel will need to undergo a tricky surgery to restore use to her right leg.  She will have to have a special steel plate installed, as well as a bone graft to help regenerate growth.  The doctors have told us that the surgery will allow her to bear weight on her right leg again and vastly improve her quality of life.  

Angel is also looking for a loving, gentle foster home to await surgery and to help her heal for her forever home afterwards.  Since she is in so much pain, she would prefer a home without other dogs or children, where life moves at a slower pace and where she can relax.

We need $3000 to get Angel the surgery she needs, and so desperately deserves.  Please consider donating anything you can. 

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Changing Lives Through Canine Companionship

One in four Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans return home with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. More than four million healthy, adoptable animals will be euthanized in shelters this year. These dogs can provide an understanding, loving companion that can help these veterans cope with debilitating flashbacks by bringing them back to the present, therefore helping them re-assimilate back into civilian life.

Canines With a Cause brings shelter dogs and returned veterans together. Vets benefit from the healing companionship of the dog and shelter dogs' lives are saved by finding loving homes.